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Are your eyes itching?

As I get older it seems like my allergies get worse. Every spring my eyes start itching, nose running and I end up feeling miserable. I thought I would share some home remedies I found here in case you suffer too. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you...

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Hang It Up

After Friday’s post of the photographs edited to remove smartphones I thought I’d share this article by an author who has chosen to hang up her cell-phone for good. It’s worth a read and maybe even worth...

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Wake up

Wake up my friend! Wake up every fiber, organ, and cell of your body. This is the only life that you get and it is time to get the most out of it. You are an amazing person with purpose there is a reason you are reading these words. What is the legacy that you will...

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Rapport Talk

Here’s another video from our good friend Ken Howard ‘rapport talk’ the language of inclusion that we learn in our family of origin and being mindful of how those tools work with different people can help us better communicate with the people we care about and work...

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